Breaking The Cycle: A Guide to Gentle Parenting


Parenting style plays a major role in a child’s developmental years because it creates long-term impacts in different areas, like personality growth, cognitive advancement, academic achievement, and social abilities. When mishandled, bad childhood experiences brought by a harmful type of parenting can lead to trauma. Here at our mental health services in Woodbury, Minnesota, we have assessed the different benefits of Gentle Parenting.

Kids can be very high-spirited that parents sometimes run out of options and resort to a form of discipline that can hurt their children in the process, like corporal punishment or reprimanding them excessively, or shaming them in front of everyone. We understand that nobody can ever be fully prepared when it comes to parenting, and some parents might not come from a nurturing environment, so you might be projecting some long-hidden traumas. When it comes to dealing with traumas, our psychotherapist in Minnesota encourages our clients to be the ones to break the cycle.

Being open to communication, teaching your child compassion and how to identify their own emotions, and establishing healthy boundaries even at a young age are some of the methods that make up gentle parenting. It’s giving your child choices and relying on willingness as the foundation of your relationship while also establishing limitations instead of leading your child through demands and external pressure.

You put respect at the center of your modeling structure so that your kids will grow up learning to respect others and themselves as well. If you’re still not sure about the do’s and don’ts to follow when it comes to parenting, you can always book an appointment for counseling here at Protective Factors Integrated LLC to understand not just your child’s behavior but your feelings towards it as well.

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