Regretting the Past, Afraid of the Future, Stuck in Between


Anxiety and depression are, unfortunately, mental illnesses that have become more relevant nowadays. Due to the hectic pace of life, people become more stressed and wary of their futures. With changes here and there, we really can’t decipher what lies ahead of us.

As such, dealing with these challenges alone can be scary and difficult. Feeling alone in this struggle can be detrimental to our mental health. We feel weak, hopeless, and angry at ourselves. However, this should not be the case because there is always help.

Protective Factors Integrated LLC is your friendly provider of mental health services in Woodbury, Minnesota. We provide person-centered psychotherapy, creating a welcoming space and time for you to hear from your own inner thoughts and identify where you may be feeling stuck, frustrated, misunderstood, confused, angry, or depressed.

As you talk with our psychotherapist in Minnesota, we provide you with an environment where you will feel comfortable and self-aware in making the best decisions for yourself.

Here, we make sure that you get to experience self-confidence and love for your being. We all deserve to have the assurance and peace of mind of what life has to offer.

Let our counseling services help you today. We are always ready to lend an ear and hand to all of your thoughts and emotions. Allow us to provide you with confident solutions for what you have experienced, are experiencing, and will experience.

There’s no harm in getting stuck in the present. Every day is a gift as long as we get to live it to the fullest. You will find your happiness and peace soon!

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