Spoiler: Blaming Others Won’t Make You Feel Better


It always seems easier to let others take the blame, like slowly removing yourself from a project that failed and caused your boss’ anger, rather than owning up to the fact that you also took part in it. Confrontations aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so it’s more convenient to resort to the blame game.

The psychotherapist in Minnesota would advise against always turning tail whenever you encounter a tough situation because you’re more likely to get stuck in the same problem and never learn to do things better. As they say, the best way to get over it is through it.

The more you put a load on other people’s backs, the lesser control you have because you’re on a default mode of leaving your future to anyone who isn’t you. Our mental health services in Woodbury, Minnesota, can see an increased risk of you getting overwhelmed and experiencing bigger disappointments, which could lead to anxiety and maybe even depression.

Learn to take the ball because there will always be variables that are beyond your control, but what you can be certain of is your own actions. Blaming others will only foster negative feelings and stress because you’d wish they did better, and you may never know why they didn’t, unlike when you take the initiative.

You might already be aware of this kind of behavior and find it hard to overcome this particular defense mechanism, or maybe you’re unconsciously harming other people. We encourage you to talk it out through our counseling service at Protective Factors Integrated LLC.

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