Spotting Job Burnout and What to Do Next


We’ve all felt stressed about work. A few days off an a relaxing trip to the spa are great ways to take off the edge of a stressful workweek. But job burnout is different.

Suddenly, a trip to your favorite restaurant no longer sounds as appealing. Even getting out of bed feels like a hassle, and taking a shower feels like a giant chore.

These are some of the commons signs of a job burnout. Luckily, there are things that you can do to reboot and recover your drive to work, and Protective Factors Integrated LLC is here to talk about them:

  • Communicate with your team

    Discuss your concerns with your supervisor or manager and see if you can work together to find solutions or compromises to the issues you are facing.

    This seems scary, but you have the responsibility to inform your team if you are not feeling well. This is not only to save your work productivity, but also for your own safety.

  • Engage in relaxing activities
    Explore programs focused on stress management and relaxation such as yoga or tai chi. You can also get Counseling on which activities are the best for your current state of mind.
  • Improve your sleep
    Sleep is vital for stress management and your overall health, if youare having trouble getting the nightly rest you need, meet with a specialist.
  • Care for your mental health
    Burnout affects your psychological health too. If you are stuggling with your mental health, uit may be time to meet with a Psychotherapist in Minnesota.

We hope we gave you great tips to help with burnout. If you’re looking for Mental Health Services in Woodbury, Minnesota, just give us a call at 651-203-7773.

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