What to Know About Anger


It’s normal to feel angry at times. Anger is usually triggered when a person loses their patience in a situation — an upsetting one in particular. Another trigger is when there is injustice. Therefore, it is only natural for the person to respond in anger.

A psychotherapist in Minnesota believes that anger can even be regarded as a healthy and productive emotion as many good things, like positive changes, stem from it. However, it can create problems at home, work, and society when the person doesn’t have the sufficient skills to manage or express it healthily.

Anger usually induces a physiological response that feeds their angry thoughts and reaction, leading to aggressive outbursts. Whether this happens once or a few times, uncontrolled anger can lead to regrets, trauma, and even legal consequences.

Ignoring anger, covering it up by smiling, or letting people invalidate it with the idea that it will go away or maintain peace isn’t healthy. This will only cause anger to turn inward, eventually resulting in the person developing anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders.

If you have trouble expressing your anger healthily, you can contact us for a counseling session.

At Protective Factors Integrated LLC, we offer mental health services in Ramsey County, Minnesota to clients who need help addressing and coping with their problems. For appointments, please give us a call.

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